Monday, February 16, 2009

365/26 - Feb. 15, 2009 - Sedona

Another gorgeous image taken in Sedona. I found this wonderful amarylis plant in the greenhouse at the nursery. It was only $20, however, I didn't figure I could get it back to Flagstaff in the same condition in which it was discovered. It had 2 large stalks and each stalk had multiple flowers. I'll look for something like this during the Holidays at a nursery vs. Wal-Mart. I love these flowers because they are so showy.

BTW, with all the snow we've had this winter, my front yard will be real showy with wildflowers. I have a gravel yard so I don't have to mow. Each year, seeds blow off blooms and reseed the whole yard. It's fantastic. And the sun is shining today. WooHoo!!!

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