Sunday, June 14, 2009

365/85 - Cute pugs

Chris and Deb Navarro have the cutest pugs. Both are lively and wanted to play with Molly but she would have none of it. If the gate hadn't been in place, Molly would have run back across the street to our house. Chris is one of the fantastic guys who shovel snow and use the other neighbor's snow blower in the winter.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

365/84 - Today's yard sale treasures

Molly standing watch over new yard sale treasures. After I removed the little metal pitcher, she made a nest of the chenille pillow covers.

365/83 - Mama at Wendy's on June 12, 2009

We had a nice morning. We left her house about 9am and went to the local Sal. Army store to browse around. Then to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles to renew her handicap placard (which is still in my car here in Flagstaff). Then I went to McDonald's for a egg biscuit and their $1 large ice tea (my new favorite vs. diet soda). After that, I drove to the Interior Fabrics store in Scottsdale and got some beaded trim. Then we went to her family doctor for toenail trimming and general maintenance.
The doctor is requesting a home health eval for Mom to see if the insurance will pay for any services after the current home health coverage for the wounds (bed sores) are healed. He is also requesting physical therapy once a week outside the home since the in-home is finished. The last thing I asked for is a referral for a hearing aid for Mom. We'll see what happens. But she is doing pretty well. While I was there we walked to McDonald's and Walgreens one day. We got manicures another day. And we did several things on Friday before the doctor visit. A little at a time.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Used the cell phone at a fun restaurant in Scottsdale. This is my great long-time friend LouAnn with her daughter, Jamie.
My old friend Rusty and me at the restaurant.
It took Jamie and me using the camera in the cell phone at least 15 times to get a photo of me and Rusty and then of her and her mother - that all 4 of us could agree on. Hum, maybe I should just carry the little mini Canon SureShot with me at all times and not try to always use the cell phone camera. Or, here's another idea: get a new cell phone with better photo taking options. I like the 2nd one way better.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

365/79 - Speedy Mama

Mama wanted to resume her walking to MacDonald's that is about a block away. She had to rest several times but she made it. We went to Walgreen's which is right next door. Then came home where she rested the rest of the day. At the moment, she has rice pilaf cooking on the stove. Troy will BBQ a steak and chicken kabobs for dinner. Can't wait.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

365/78 - Annual garage sale

Three of us participated. Lee brought her puppies. This is Tasha and Pogo. Baxter, her 3 mo. old yorkie/shih tzu mix was in his crate. The little tyke only weighs about 4 lbs.
Just some of the clothes we had for sale. Suzanne and I have made a firm commitment NOT to purchase any more clothes for the rest of 2009. I also have a commitment to only buy glues and mediums for my artwork. Otherwise, I have everything I need.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

365/77 - Pottery leftovers

Took a walk around the college to warm up from the a/c and found a bucket of pottery pieces in a large garbage can.
Mom is doing much better from her bout with the flu. It's a miracle - she's well and I'm at peace. I'll see her next week for a couple of days to visit her family doctor and get a manicure.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

365/76 - Troy's swimming pool at Mom's house

Troy set up a child's pool in their back yard. What a hoot. My son is very creative - a real renaissance man.
Mom was sick over the weekend but is doing better physically. However, it seems she wants to let go and move on. She won't talk about it but the feeling is there when I'm with her. I expect a phone call one of these days but in the meantime, I'm leaning on my faith and prayer to get me through this season.