Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall and the changing colors

The seasons change in the front yard. Shot these w/my camera phone today. This first one is the Russian Sage in full bloom. This plant spreads by the roots. When it blossoms in the Fall, it is wonderfully showy.
I didn't have any other place to put the laughing Buddha so here he is in the front yard where I had a dead tree cut down last year.
I absolutely love Virginia Creeper, especially when it changes colors in the Fall.

And of course the Day of the Dead marigolds add wonderful collor to the front porch railing. I didn't know they were so fragrant. I think I'll plant them in pots around the porch next year.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pine, AZ Quilt Shop

I found a lovely quilt store in Pine, AZ, The Quilt Shop on Highway 87. Pine is a very small mountain community that is mostly made up of second homes. However, it seems more and more people are choosing to live in the Pine/Strawberry, AZ, vicinity year round. Pine is about 10-15 miles North of Payson. The store has been opened about a year and has a wonderful selection of fabrics and accessories. The owner, BJ, does long arm quilting. The store offers quilting classes and quilters from Payson, Prescott, Mesa, Phoenix and Flagstaff drive to attend. Pine is about 1.5 hours South of Flagstaff when I use Lake Mary Road. It's a more scenic route than I-17.

9-11-09 - Flagstaff City Hall

You can't see the sea of miniature flags on the ground to the left of the flag poles but they were there. I was driving by and luckily got stuck in traffic.