Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 10 ~ January 27 2009 ~ Mornings with Molly

Here's what I get to see every morning - Molly all curled up on a little down throw. She loves to next and burrow in the covers. Sometimes, she decides to get under the covers next to me. This is all fine and good in the Winter. In the summer, it's another story. Good thing it's just Molly and me.

Bloody cold in Flagstaff this morning. We had a small snow shower last night - maybe 3" of the powder over what was trying to dry out. Streets were very slick on the way to work. But the sun was shining all day so most streets and highways are clear and dry. Yesterday, 11:00am, I almost slid into a parked car as I was turning into the parking lot at the dentist's office. Glad nobody was around. I've got enough dents in my car already.

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